Hi, our names are Wes and Susan Larnie. We have no human kids just the furry ones.
At home we have our boxers, Heather (The Queen), Glen, & Luna. We also have our Bullmastiffs, Angus & Sinead. We also had our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Zippy who also left us to go live with a good friend in Fort McMurray. We also own 4 other boxers and they live with Wes's parents. They are Duncan, Ailsa, and Eve.

Our 1st boxer was Wallace, our lovely white boy, the reason we fell in love with boxers. Unfortunately he passed away in 2011, RIP Wallace, you will forever be in our hearts.

We show our dogs in Conformation , it is a fun hobby that has enabled us to meet many new friends over the years. We do occasional breedings and we breed for conformation, temperment and health.

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